Remove Old Information From Credit Reports


The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) prohibits credit reporting agencies from including “adverse” information in your credit report after a certain period of time. If that information is not removed, you can seek its removal through the FCRA’s dispute process.

To learn how to remove old information from your credit report, continue reading this page. If you need help, or if you believe your rights were violated, contact BCJ Law for help. To speak with our credit report attorney, call 1-800-997-5561 or complete our contact form.

What information must be removed from my credit report once it gets too old?

Generally speaking, any “adverse” information must be removed from your credit report after about seven years. Information is considered “adverse” if it reflects negatively on you. Failure to pay a credit card balance is a common example.

There are exceptions to the general seven year rule. Here are some of the more common exceptions to the removal of old information:

  • "Charged-Off" Debt: generally reportable for 7.5 years from first delinquency.
  • Repossessions: treated similar to charged-off debt.
  • Bankruptcies: usually reportable for 10 years.
  • Criminal Arrests: reportable for 7 years or until applicable statute of limitations expires (whichever is longer).
  • Civil Judgments: treated similar to criminal arrests.
  • Criminal Convictions: no reporting time limit.
  • Student Loans: various exceptions apply depending on the type of loan.

How can I get old information removed from my credit report?

Credit reporting agencies (CRAs) should have procedures to prevent old information from appearing on your credit report. That means CRAs should refrain from reporting old information on their own; you shouldn’t have to do anything. That said, errors do occur. Sometimes, CRAs lack effective procedures. Other times, CRAs fail to follow the procedures they put in place.

If you believe old information is included in your credit report, the FCRA allows you to dispute the issue directly with a credit reporting agency. To learn more about the dispute process and the steps you can take to remove old information, read our page on disputing credit report errors.

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If you’re having credit report problems, contact BCJ Law LLC for help. To speak with our credit report attorney, call 1-800-997-5561 or complete our contact form.

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