List of Credit Report Agencies


Conumer reporting agencies aggregate, compile, and hold a wealth of information on consumers. There are many types of consumer reporting agencies. The most common report financial information, but others report information related to employment, housing, bank accounts, insurance, and other areas of life.

Here is a list of many consumer reporting agencies. If you need help, or if you believe a consumer reporting agency has violated your rights, reported inaccurate information about you, released your credit report for an improper purpose, or failed to provide you with a credit report, contact us. Call 1-800-997-5561 or complete our contact form.

The Big Three:

The “Big Three” are the largest credit reporting agencies in the country. They aggregate and collect the following types of data: personal identifying information, employment history, credit account information, collection activity, and credit report inquiries by third-parties.

The “Big Three” refers to the following credit reporting agencies:

Employment Screeners:

These companies aggregate and collect data for employers, including information about pay, past employment, education, licensing, criminal records, credit histories, driving records, substance abuse testing, and other activities. Employment screeners include:

  • Accurate Background
  • American DataBank
  • Checkr
  • First Advantage Corporation
  • General Information Services
  • HireRight
  • Info Cubic
  • IntelliCorp
  • OPENonline
  • Sterling Talent Solutions
  • Trak 1
  • The Work Number

Tenant Screeners:

Tenant screeners aggregate and collect data for landlords, including payment and eviction histories. They include:

  • Contemporary Information Corp (CIC)
  • CoreLogic Rental Property Solutions
  • Experian RentBureau
  • First Advantage Corporation Resident History Report
  • LeasingDesk (Real Page)
  • Screening Reports
  • Tenant Data Services
  • TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions

Account Screeners:

Account screeners provide companies information and verification on checking and banking accounts. They Include:

  • Certegy Check Services
  • ChexSystems
  • CrossCheck
  • Early Warning Services
  • Global Payment Check Services
  • TeleCheck Services

Insurance Screeners:

These companies provide information for insurance companies, including personal and medical insurance. They include:

  • A-PLUS Property (Verisk)
  • CLUE Inc
  • Drivers History
  • Insurance Information Exchange (iiX)
  • MIB, Inc
  • Milliman IntelliScript


There are many other types of consumer reporting agencies. They provide information about low income and sub-prime consumers, personal data, retail history, utility information, and many other types of information. Here are some of the other consumer reporting agencies:

  • Clarity Services
  • CoreLogic Teletrack
  • CoreLogic Credco
  • Data X
  • FactorTrust
  • Innovis
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • MicroBilt/PRBC
  • National Consumer Telecommunications & Utilities Exchange
  • SageStream (ID Analytics)
  • The Retail Equation
  • VIP Preferred

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